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 Nadia Semanic is an enigmatic storyteller, an engineer of exquisite characters who exist in the wonderlands of her imagination. The fabric of her narration is hair, a fibre that she first became acquainted with as an acclaimed stylist in a high-performing salon, before finessing her hair fashion aesthetic with international superbrand TONI&GUY. Nadia is an Australian born, Melbourne based artist. She is internationally recognised, with five awarded Avant Garde collections and a total of 30 works in her repertoire. She is continuously working on new collections while her volume of work grows.

From the very beginning of her career Nadia was earmarked as an inventor. She was an artist with colossal creative force whose insatiable thirst for original colours, textures and composition led her into the world of Avant Garde. Whilst keeping her feet on the salon floor she began to explore hairdressing as a true artisan, an artist who felt most content within the realms of hand-made and hand-crafted design. With an inviolable fixation on intricate detailing, Nadia spends hours hand knotting her own wigs, as well as hand crafting and designing fine art head wear, always with her detailed sketches at hand to guide her.

Always evolving and constantly developing her skills with the medium of hair, Nadia is an artist who is creating a new and unique form of art pushing the boundaries of what this material can do. With a personal M.O focused on obtaining equilibrium between artistic experimentation and current cultural relevance. Whilst maintaining her role as an Art Director and National Artistic Team member for TONI&GUY, Nadia commences her venture into the broader art world as a multi award winning artist, expanding her invitation for collaboration to Art Exhibitors, Costume Designers and Creative Directors in Fashion, Theatre and Film who are seeking a sculptor of hair.  READ MORE >>>


MORTALE EST  //  2015




//  HEAD ART  //






  • 2018 AVANT GARDE semifinalist TCT awards 
  • 2018 AHFA Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year FINALIST
  • 2017 AHFA Artistic Team of the Year FINALIST 
  • 2017 AHFA Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year FINALIST
  • 2017 TONI&GUY Best Top Stylist WINNER
  • 2017 TONI&GUY present Culture Shock
    Hair Team 
  • 2016 FAME Team Australia WINNER
  • 2016 International Visionary Award FINALIST
  • 2016 AIPP Best Avant Garde FINALIST
  • 2016 AHFA Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year WINNER
  • 2015 AHFA Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year WINNER
  • 2015 AIPP Best Avant Garde FINALIST
  • 2015 International Visionary Award FINALIST
  • 2015 FAME Team FINALIST
  • 2014 Hotshots Visionary Award WINNER
  • 2014 AIPP Best Avant Garde WINNER
  • 2014 International Visionary Award FINALIST
  • 2014 RAWards Hairstylist of the Year WINNER
  • 2014 FAME Team FINALIST

//  ARTICLES  //


From commercial wigs to customised hair sculptures Nadia provides bespoke hair designed for exhibitions, the stage, screen and runway. On provision of a clear vision and following the development of a collaborative brief, Nadia can enrich any creative execution from film to fashion shows to contemporary dance performances with her customised fine art hair sculptures and hand knotted wigs. Different materials can be used to create personalised headwear and sculpture upon request.

If you are a Curator, Producer, Artist, Creative Director, Stylist or Costume Designer looking to add additional dimension to an existing aesthetic or build a customised total look from head to heel, please send a short email to hello@nadiasemanic.com – Please note that all sculptures are entirely custom made, unique to the design brief.  Sculptures that already exist as part of Nadia’s portfolio are not for resale.

Additionally, Nadia’s portfolio of Avant Garde hair collections together with the ideation that ignited each anthology are available for exhibition via galleries or pop-up art installations. 

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PHONE 0412 257 637

EMAIL hello@nadiasemanic.com